Sinox Polymers Rezyklat - EuCertPlast Zertifizierung

Sinox Polymers' suppliers are Recyclass-certified. The certification is always valid for exactly one year, after which a new test is due.

We can offer you HDPE, LDPE, LLDPE, PET, PP, HIPS, ABS and PC recyclate with Recyclass certification. Contact us today and we will be happy to tell you more about our environmentally friendly recycled pellets and regrind.

Find out more about Recyclass and the certification in the following text.

The Control Union Global - Recyclass

Recyclass is a Europe-wide certification for plastics recycling companies. The aim of Recyclass is to recognize plastics recyclers that meet high standards. The certification gives suppliers and customers the assurance that all waste plastics brought in and the products manufactured in a certified plant are treated according to best practice.

The RecyClass Recycling Process certification will replace the EUCertPlast certification and verify the ability of your plastics recycling facility to ensure the physical traceability of pre- and post-consumer recycled plastics in your recycling process.
If you are a plastics recycler or recycle your waste in-house, you can apply for RecyClass Recycling Process certification.
Just like the recycled plastics traceability certification, the recycling process certification complies with the European standard EN15343.

RecyClass focuses specifically on the recyclability of plastic packaging. This initiative evaluates and certifies how well plastic packaging can be processed in existing recycling processes. The RecyClass certification criteria are based on the material composition, additives used, colors and other design elements of the packaging. The aim is to determine whether and how well the packaging can be recycled. RecyClass offers services such as recyclability assessment, technical advice, design guidelines and training to improve the recyclability of packaging. The main target group of RecyClass are manufacturers and designers of plastic packaging who want to ensure that their products are recyclable.

The Global Recycled Standard (GRS), on the other hand, focuses on products that contain recycled materials. This product standard checks the recycled content in a product, ensures that the recycling process is environmentally friendly and requires compliance with social and chemical restrictions throughout the production process. GRS certification provides a comprehensive audit that covers the entire supply chain, including traceability of materials, compliance with social and environmental criteria and control over chemical processes. The target group of GRS certification is broader and includes not only packaging, but also textiles, consumer goods and other products containing recycled materials.

Objectives of the Recyclass Certification

The objectives of the certification include increasing transparency in the plastics industry, introducing traceability of collected consumer waste, establishing recycling and trading practices across Europe, and meeting REACH requirements and food regulations for recyclers.

The certification covers various areas, including, for example, the necessary operating and environmental permits for the respective country, training, qualifications and organization of personnel, procedures and controls for incoming materials and traceability along the entire supply chain.

To become a certified recycler, the recycler selects an accredited Recyclass auditor who inspects the recycling plant on site. There is an exchange of information between the recycler and the auditor, and third-party audits ensure consistency and accuracy in all reports. The auditor issues a certification valid for one year.


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