Kunststoff Rezyklat- PCR LLDPE - Linear Low-Density Polyethylen

At Sinox Polymers, we offer a wide range of recycled (PCR) plastic recompounds, including standard plastics such as HDPE and PP as well as engineering plastics such as PET.

The various polymers can be supplied worldwide with GRS, OBP, FDA, Efsa or no certification.

Data sheets and samples are available on request.

Saving valuable resources: Recompounds and their importance for the circular economy

The circular economy is an important aspect of a sustainable economy. Recompounds help to save valuable resources and reduce CO2 emissions. Find out more about the importance of recompounds for a sustainable economy and how Sinox Polymers can help you get there.

What is a Recompound?

Recompounds are recycled plastics that have been disposed of by private households or companies and can be used to manufacture new products. The products from which recompounds are obtained have therefore already completed a life cycle and are processed into new granulates using a special manufacturing process. This reuse reduces the use of raw materials and the associated increase in energy requirements.

How is a Recompound produced?

The production of a recompound begins with the collection and sorting of plastic waste from private households or companies. This waste is sorted according to type and quality and then thoroughly cleaned to remove impurities such as dirt, labels and foreign materials. After cleaning, the plastics are shredded into smaller particles, often in the form of flakes. These particles are melted in an extrusion line, where additives can be added to improve material properties such as strength, flexibility and color. The melted material is then pressed through dies and formed into small pellets or granules, known as recompounds. This process improves the mechanical and physical properties of the plastic, allowing recompounds to be reused in high-quality applications.

Applications of Recompounds

Recompounds are used in various industries due to their improved material properties and sustainability. For example, our rPET recompounds are ideal for tableware products. They are heat-resistant, dishwasher-safe and microwave-safe. Other areas of application include the automotive industry, construction, packaging, consumer goods and the electronics industry.

The importance of recompounds for a sustainable economy

Recompounds play a central role in a sustainable economy by promoting the circular economy and reducing environmental impact. By reusing plastic waste instead of using virgin plastic, valuable raw materials are conserved and energy consumption is reduced. This leads to a significant reduction in CO2 emissions and the ecological footprint of the plastics industry.

The use of recompounds supports waste prevention and helps to reduce landfill pollution. They make it possible to manufacture high-quality products that meet the requirements of various industries without resorting to new raw materials. This strengthens resource efficiency and promotes sustainable production and consumption.

By reducing the need for new plastics, recompounds also help to reduce dependence on fossil raw materials. They contribute to the development of more environmentally friendly products and help companies to achieve their sustainability goals. Overall, recompounds are a decisive factor for a greener, more resource-efficient and sustainable economy.

Economic advantages of recompounds

As a company, it is important to pay attention not only to the ecological benefits of recompounds, but also to economic factors. Here, recompounds offer the advantage that they are often cheaper than virgin plastic. In addition, by using recompounds, companies can use their resources more effectively and achieve their sustainability goals.

Sinox Polymers focuses on the efficient and environmentally friendly production of recompounds and offers high-quality products in various designs. As a customer, you benefit from a wide range of products tailored to different areas of application. In addition, Sinox Polymers supports you in selecting the right recompounds and accompanies you on your way to a sustainable economy.


Are you looking for recompounds for your production or do you still have questions? Feel free to contact us and send an email to inquiries@sinox-polymers.com.

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