Kunststoff Rezyklat- PCR LLDPE - Linear Low-Density Polyethylen
pp regranulate white

PP regranulate white ex. buckets

Product code: 120215

This white colored PP regranulate comes from post consumer recycling PCR with an MFR of 25 and was recovered from buckets in Asia. It is suitable for injection moulding applications. It is OBP and GRS certified. For detailed data please refer to the datasheet available for download below at the bottom of the page. It is packed in big bags on pallets, silo truck or in 25kg bags on pallets.

Product data

Form Regranulate
Application areas Injection moulding
MFR (g/10 min at 2.16kg/ 230°C) 25
Origin – Region Asia
Origin – Material stream PCR
Origin – Raw Material Buckets
Certification OBP, GRS
Packaging Big Bags on pallets, silo truck, 25kg bags in pallets