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PCR r-PC (polycarbonate) is available in light to dark blue. The different qualities are suitable for injection molding and extrusion applications. GRS and OBP certified grades are available. On our product page, you can filter our PC according to your purchasing specifications.


  • Extrusion
  • Injection molding
  • Compounding


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  • Asia

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PC Recyclate - Polycarbonate - Blue-Transparent

Revolution in materials - PCR r-PC - polycarbonate of the future

At a time when sustainability and environmental protection are becoming increasingly important, a significant change has also taken place in the materials industry. Post-Consumer Recycled (PCR) r-PC polycarbonate is an exciting step into our future that is convincing in terms of both environmental friendliness and economic efficiency.

PC recyclate is produced by using plastics that come from end-consumer waste. Special processes are used to clean and recycle the material and turn it into new products. This not only protects the environment, but also saves resources.

Fields of application: Versatile and forward-looking

PC recyclate can be used in many different ways and offers numerous advantages for various industries. These include the automotive industry, electronics, packaging and construction. Thanks to its high durability, transparency and stability, it opens up new perspectives for innovative and sustainable products.

The use of PC regranulate and regrind makes a decisive contribution to reducing the ecological footprint. The use of recycled materials makes it possible to reduce waste and save fossil raw materials. This promotes a circular economy and supports climate protection goals.

Thanks to its numerous advantages and possible applications, r-PC opens up exciting growth opportunities for companies. The increasing demand for environmentally friendly materials offers attractive markets and potential for investment in research and development.

PC recyclate as the key to a more sustainable industry

r-PC exemplifies the necessary transformation in the materials industry. As an environmentally friendly and economically viable alternative to conventional plastics, it offers companies the opportunity to position themselves for the future and make an important contribution to environmental protection and resource conservation. The diverse applications and economic potential of this innovative material make PC regrind and regranulate a key to a more sustainable and responsible industry. It is time to use this key and to shape a greener future together.


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