Sinox Polymers Rezyklat - Food Grade Zertifizierung - PET, PP, HDPE

U.S. Food & Drug Administration Certification (FDA) for food safety

The FDA certifies whether a manufacturer’s recycling process accords to food contact standards. Recyclable plastic raw material can only be used if it originally met the applicable FDA food contact standards, e.g. food containers.

If the standards are met a letter of no objection LNO is issued by the FDA to the manufacturer.

FDA food grade compliance levels - Conditions of Use

Conditions of Use as defined in Title 21 Code of Federal Regulations (C.F.R.) Section 176.170(c), Table 2, which are as follows:

  1. High temperature heat-sterilized (e.g., over 212 deg.F).
  2. Boiling water sterilized.
  3. Hot filled or pasteurized above 150 deg.F.
  4. Hot filled or pasteurized below 150 deg.F.
  5. Room temperature filled and stored (no thermal treatment in the container).
  6. Refrigerated storage (no thermal treatment in the container).
  7. Frozen storage (no thermal treatment in the container).
  8. Frozen or refrigerated storage: Ready-prepared foods intended to be reheated in container at time of use:
    1. Aqueous or oil-in-water emulsion of high- or low-fat.
    2. Aqueous, high- or low-free oil or fat.
  9. Irradiation
  10. Cooking at temperatures exceeding 250 deg.F.