Sinox Polymers Rezyklat - EuCertPlast Zertifizierung

Sinox Polymers' suppliers are EuCertPlast certified. The certification is always valid for exactly one year, after which a new audit is due.

We can offer you HDPE, LDPE, LLDPE, PP, HIPS, PET, ABS and PC recyclate with EuCertPlast certification. Contact us today and we'll be happy to tell you more about our environmentally friendly pellets and regrinds.

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The European Certification of Plastics Recyclers EuCertPlast

EuCertPlast is a Europe-wide certification for plastics recyclers. The goal of EuCertPlast is to award plastics recyclers that meet high standards. The certification provides assurance to suppliers and customers that all waste plastics brought in and products manufactured at a certified facility are treated according to best practices.

The certification is based on the European standard EN 15343:2007 and aims to make the recycling of plastics more environmentally friendly by standardizing it. Particular emphasis is placed on traceability in the supply chain, the recycling process and the proportion of recycled materials in the end product.

Objectives of EuCertPlast certification

The goals of the certification include increasing transparency in the plastics industry, establishing traceability of collected consumer waste, setting recycling and trading practices across Europe, and meeting REACH requirements and food regulations for recyclers.

Certification covers several areas, including, for example, the required operating and environmental permits for each country; training, qualifications and organization of personnel; procedures and controls for incoming materials; and traceability throughout the supply chain.

To become a certified recycler, the recycler selects an accredited EuCertPlast auditor to inspect the recycling plant on site. There is an exchange of information between the recycler and the auditor, and third-party audits ensure consistency and accuracy in all reports. The auditor issues an one-year certification.


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